Reviews DP - Imagination (#2)

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I read the first book in the series, Germination, and it blew me away. The second book is much more detailed and it continues the story of where this technology could go. I highly recommend this series with 5 stars. 

Anna Opacic, April 11, 2022 on Google Play - See the review here  -

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I read this book after reading Dream Phaze – Germination. This book was a great experience...the plot is well thought of and equally well expanded upon. Usually, you see writers coming up with extraordinary plots but fail to expand them into a novel or novella. Fortunately, this was not the case here. The plot was unique. Thank you to the author for the effort and entertainment. 5-star review from Aditya April 15, 2022 on Goodreads. Read the full review here:


This is a clever and enjoyable book, spun around an original idea which is believable and thoroughly well imagined. A page turner from beginning to end. 5-star review from Chris P. May 3, 2022 on Amazon UK. Read the full review here:


In the gripping second installment of Watters’s virtual reality-exploring Dream Phaze series, Dr. Saxon Zynn and his wife Margo are back with new complications, as their advanced technology known as Dream Immersion (DI) is twisted for devious purposes. Sci-fi fans fond of virtual reality will be fascinated by both the technology and the issues it raises. A-rating from Booklife (Publishers Weekly) 13 May 2022 – Read the full review here -