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No More Social Media

I ceased using all social media in November 2022. Why?

  1. Privacy and data security issues

  2. Advertising is the driving force for all platforms

  3. Disproportionate power by social media platform proprietors over users

  4. Unsavoury individuals overseeing social media platforms

  5. Over-promotion and spam

  6. Deception and scams

  7. Inaccurate and false information propagated by far right individuals and groups

  8. Echo chamber for Point 7

  9. Bullying, stalking, and harassment is rife

  10. Hate groups are allowed to flourish and promote their ideologies unchecked

  11. Superficial friends

  12. Unwanted friend requests

  13. Unwelcome political propaganda

  14. Time-waster that contributes little to the world


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