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Reviews DP - Imagination (#2)

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Matt Watters has prophetic visions that are well dressed in the guise of fiction. This is where our flirtation with virtual reality may lead, and Watters delivers it well with his natural propensity for presenting jargon in a non-intimidating way. The book is written not just for entertainment, but to solidify concepts. At less than 300 pages, the plot is rich, packed with profound issues on futurism that cannot wait to be addressed. Rarely do you get to read a novel that ventures deep into the mysterious and eerie realms of the human mind. Watters does so like an insatiable voyager, returning from the journey with an enriched vision and experience - an effect that you will also experience when reading Dream Phaze. 5-star review by Vincent Dublado, June 26, 2022 for Readers' Favorite. Read the full review here -
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A dazzling fusion of revelry, foresight and contemplation, Dream Phaze – Imagination is the embodiment of circumspect, stimulating science fiction. Consistent with the first book in the series, this second volume bears all the same weight of societal and moral considerations. The writing is textured and lifelike, helping readers taste just how realistic these engineered dream experiences are. To create such intelligent and forward-thinking fiction, it is clear that the author is both passionate and knowledgeable about cutting-edge technologies that involve the grand puzzle of the mind. Tense and suspenseful, with the harrowing plot turns of a thriller, this exciting sci-fi novel is fully built into an ultra-realistic story that will leave you dizzy from the heights of the author’s imagination. 5-star review by RC Gibson, June 21, 2022 on Indies Today. Read the full review here:
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Watters isn’t an author who trades in gloss, storytelling clichés and plot concessions. He knows his narrative subject inside out and the Dream Phaze series has been conceived and written with a knowledge of computers and code but we don’t have to turn pages with long, boring explanations of it and this makes Watters’ plot a whole lot of fun and easily graspable. Delivering action and ideas in equal measure Dream Phaze – imagination proves an uncompromising and top-notch read. It is recommended without reservation. 5-star review by BookViral Reviews May 29, 2022. Read the full review here -


In the gripping second installment of Watters’s virtual reality-exploring Dream Phaze series, Dr. Saxon Zynn and his wife Margo are back with new complications, as their advanced technology known as Dream Immersion (DI) is twisted for devious purposes. Sci-fi fans fond of virtual reality will be fascinated by both the technology and the issues it raises. A-rating from Booklife (Publishers Weekly) 13 May 2022 – Read the full review here -

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Love this series!  Having read the first book, the second book continues smoothly where the first book left off. Watters does an excellent job developing the story in this second installment. This science fiction series so entertaining and intriguing. Excited to see what happens next in this series. The book ends just like a movie scene where everything seems perfect and all of a sudden danger calls, solid cliff-hanger ending. Time for book three!. 5-star review from Stephanie, November 12, 2022 on Amazon US. Read the full review here:


 Dream Phaze - Imagination by Matt Watters had me hooked from the beginning. Matt Watters has written a page turner with well developed, believable characters. While the technology is not yet available, it’s not hard to imagine the day when it will be. That is what kept me immersed in this story. I say BRAVO! Matt Watters . 5-star review by Steven R. on Goodreads. Read the full review here:

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I read the first book in the series, Germination, and it blew me away. The second book is much more detailed and it continues the story of where this technology could go. I highly recommend this series with 5 stars. 

Anna Opacic, April 11, 2022 on Google Play - See the review here  -

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