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Reviews DP - Germination (#1)

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Watters makes sure that there is a lot at stake, and this keeps you involved. I consider it to be one of the best sci-fi novels I have read this year. Watters’s narrative is ingenious in the way he presents the concept of virtual reality. 5-star review by Vincent Dublado, June 6, 2022 on Readrers' Favorite - Read the full review here:


The meticulous narration of the futuristic virtual world experienced by the users of Dream Immersion makes the story exhilarating and quite intriguing. The novel's highly suspenseful and thrilling plot is backed by solid world-building and character development. The family drama genre wrapped around a science fiction core makes Dream Phaze - Germination particularly appealing to sci-fi lovers. 5-star review by Neckmen Caleb, February 15, 2022 on Amazon - Read the full review


I thoroughly enjoyed Matt Watters futuristic part-dystopian novel Dream Phaze Germination. There is an edgy moral dilemma woven through the story and in some ways it is for the reader to decide whether dream immersion is a good or bad technology. This book would really appeal to gamers and techno-geeks. I would certainly recommend this for fans of futuristic sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian novels. 5-star review by author of 2084 - End of Days, Derek Beaugarde April 14, 2021 on Goodreads - Read the full review -


Science fiction fans will revel in this high-stakes, character-driven thriller that careens through an imaginative future of manufactured dreams. Watters masterfully pits Saxon’s most closely held values against one another for a page-turning thriller. Readers will delight in the world Watters has created. A-rated Review by Oct 2020 - Read the full review-


Overall this book is a fun, interesting, and an enjoyable read that I would highly recommend. One of my most interesting takeaways from reading this novel is exploring issues regarding the adaption of advancing technology in relation to human ethics and morality. Themes involving organic versus technological human growth resonated strongly for me. 5-star review by SIMarie Sept 28, 2020 on Goodreads. Read the full review -


Well-written and immediately engaging, ‘Dream Phaze’ clips along at an almost breakneck pace. The main narrative is broken up by a series of vignettes offering readers a glimpse into just how powerful a Dream Immersion experience can be. 4-star review by James W. August 28, 2020 on Goodreads. Read the full review  -

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DREAM PHAZE blew me away and ever since reading it I have been thinking of its intricate and detailed know you have come across an incredible story when you are thinking of it when you have a million things to do. 5-star review.
The Red Headed Book Lover
October 2018
Read the full review -

I can't wait to see where this

story goes, I'm hooked! 

Stefan P. November 2018

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An agile near-future science fiction novel pulsing with frantic energy, lurking danger and endless movement. Watters does an impressive job of building drama, suspense, international intrigue and the fun of dream manipulation into a sleek volume that packs a fierce punch. 5-star review by RC Gibson, June 15, 2022 on Indies Today. Read the full review here:
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In a breathless narrative that’s terrifically good, Watters not only entertains but sets out to explore how the prospect of lucid dreaming on demand might be received by subsets of society and his grasp on the labyrinthine machinations of his plot are impressive as he grapples with provocative ideas in thoughtful terms. Highly original and powerful, Dream Phaze – Germination makes for a superb start to Watters’ series and is highly recommended! 5-star review by BookViral Reviews - May 26 2022. Read the full review here -

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Matt Watters writes with unwonted clarity and in prose that is fluid and engaging, rendering complex scientific concepts readable and interesting to readers. Dream Phaze—Germination is a stunning work of great imagination, composed in excellent prose and featuring engaging plot points. This novel is a winner for fans of science fiction novels that stand out in originality and excellence. 

5-star review by David Reyes, March 1, 2022 on The Book Commentary - Read the full review -


A fast-paced yet startlingly realistic look at the sort of technology everyone in the dreampunk community is waiting for. It's like VR but indistinguishable from reality… and it's coming. Are we ready? 5-star review by author and editor of Mirrormaze - A Dreampunk Anthology, Cliff Jones Jr April 30, 2021 on Goodreads - Read the full review -


Imaginatively conceived and deftly executed…Watters concept of Dream Immersion enabling the user to visit the past and future to fulfill their own fantasies is unsettling and thoroughly convincing, and he employs it skillfully to emphasize themes of ethics and moral issues when it comes to technology advancement. 5-star review by BooksCoffee Nov 26, 2020 on Goodreads - Read the full review - -


An incredibly interesting plot, enticing characters, and definitely a hard sci-fi book for lovers of the genre. Watters' attention to detail and the ability to write with such fascinating ease to the genre made for a really enjoyable read.

There was something about this book that felt very abstract and ephemeral (much like a dream itself) and I really think it worked. 4-star review by Hannah B. Aug 31, 2020 on Goodreads. Read the full review  -

I like the characters, yet it is plot driven set in a near future where dreams are full on, realistic experiences. I would love to live in this future!

Juan G. July 2018

DREAM PHAZE is something that stands eager and impressive, and entirely on its own. 

Dana W. August 2018

DREAM PHAZE is an impressive story overall, I like it. I could see

this as a streaming or TV series.

Rhonda B. June 2018

Refreshing storytelling. Stories within a story. I like the multi-layered approach. 

Jay H. January 2019

A future where dreams are mainstream entertainment, great premise for a story.

Haru K. June 2018

It's easy. This is a great read. 

Mike T. May 2018

The author has created a believable universe where literally anything can happen. Recommended reading.

Anoushka N. November 2019

I like DREAM PHAZE because it takes place in a 'normal' near future, not too dystopian, not utopian. This story could actually happen. 

Tamara H. April 2018

I was given Dream Phaze – Germination as a Xmas present and thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked that it’s set within real world parameters. It’s not Terminator or Westworld (TV series), it could happen in 30 years. Two thumbs up.

Bin H. January 2020

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